Lantronix SRA Series – Secure Remote Access

Lantronix SRA Series – Secure Remote Access

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Secure Remote Access

A Bidirectional Communication Channel from a Network Operations Center (NOC) to a Remote Site

The Lantronix Secure Remote Access (SRA) solution creates a secure tunnel to provide a bidirectional communication channel from a Network Operations Center (NOC) to a Remote Site. The solution generally does not require configuration changes to the Remote Site Firewall.

The Remote Access Device (RAD) is located at a Remote Site and initiates a connection with the Management Access Portal (MAP) located at the NOC or Host Site. Once the tunnel is established, the Network Administrator at the NOC can connect via VPN over the tunnel to devices in the same network as the Remote Access Device or through Port Forwarding to any device the RAD can address.

SRA provides the capability for a Network Managed Services company or Integrator team to configure and monitor network devices at an end-user customer site with minimal interaction with the remote network.


Lantronix SRA Series – Secure Remote Access

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SRA Series Overview


  • Secure Remote Access
    • Provides secure access to remote sites utilizing encrypted tunnels
    • Connection initiated from within customer network (In-to-Out) for security
    • Reduces the need for truck rolls to remote sites
    • Allows for more intelligent truck rolls when necessary
    • Allows for proactive maintenance for upgrades, backups, and restores
    • Real-time health monitoring
    • Provides the ability to monitor troubled sites in real-time
    • Offers the ability to sell additional services
    • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Access to Remote Sites
    • A secure tunnel is initiated from In-to-Out
    • Secure encrypted tunnel protects the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data while in transit
    • Bidirectional encryption protects against eavesdropping and tampering
    • OpenVPN utilized for whole site access
    • Port forwarding utilized for device specific access