ProLabs QSFP-DD 400G SR4.2 Transceiver


ProLabs QSFP-DD 400G SR4.2 Transceiver

Features & Benefits:

  • Upgrade from 4x25G or 4x10G to 4x100G over existing multi-mode cable infrastructure.
  • Aggregate 100G short reach PAM4 signals to a 400G port up to 100m.
  • Utilizes industry-standard MPO-12 connectors (100G QSFP28 SR-BD).
  • 100% in-environment compatibility coded & tested in Cisco & Arista OEM switches & routers.
  • Avoid lead times and backorders with our U.S.- & U.K.-based stock and fast shipping.
  • U.S. & U.K. originated, coded, and tested optics solve your network challenges without hassle.

            ProLabs QSFP-DD 400G SR4.2 Transceiver

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            Upgrade to 4x100G breakouts seamlessly and cost-effectively with QSFP-DD 400G SR4.2 transceivers

            Data center managers and network engineers planning bandwidth upgrades have faced the challenge of upgrading to single-mode fiber to support 4x100G breakout architectures.

            ProLabs’ new QSFP-DD 400G SR4.2 transceivers enable seamless breakout to 4x QSFP28 100G SR1.2 optics, creating 400G connections to meet increasing consumer data rate demands on a familiar breakout architecture – all while helping you save by using your existing fiber cable plant.