Comprehensive, integrated technologies for distributed, ultra-scale, software-defined data centres

Trusted by the global financial services industry for more than a decade, Solarflare solutions provide the backbone for the world’s economy. Solarflare leverages this same exacting technology to improve end-user cloud experiences by reducing abandonment, increasing download speeds, minimising page loading, and eliminating buffering.


Sub-microsecond Latency

Predictable System Performance

Near Zero Jitter

Highly Scalable

Industy’s Highest Message Rates

Precision Time Stamping


The World’s Lowest Latency and most cost-effective 10/25/40G Ethernet NICs. Half-microsecond hardware latency, HW Security On-Board, Precision Time-Stamping for Accurate Synchronisation, and real-time packet and flow data are just some of the reasons 95% of the exchanges, large banks and High-Frequency Traders (HFTs) worldwide trust Solarflare Network Adapters.
Solarflare’s Onload application acceleration software is a Linux-based, high-performance kernel-bypass network stack that provides acceleration of TCP- and UDP-based applications, with no modification to existing applications. Onload is ideally suited for network-intensive applications that benefit from low latency and/or high message rates, including financial services, web and cloud applications, and other High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.
ServerLock secures your data centers one server at a time, using the NIC hardware itself. Solarflare provides the industry’s first Software-Defined NIC with built-in hardware fire-walling, and security policy orchestration for every server in your enterprise. ServerLock discovers every application data flow within your network and enforces security policies that enable valid business transactions while shutting down malicious attacks.
The SolarCapture product family provides packet capture capability for a variety of network management applications including troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, monitoring service level agreements, security analytics, network forensics, record keeping, performance monitoring, and tuning. SolarCapture brings the ability to provide 100% lossless capture up to 40GbE, together with an open architecture that makes data available for third party applications and for export to long term storage options.

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