Most Innovative, Secure Operating System

The edge platform that powers PCs, thin clients, laptops, even the Raspberry Pi, for any VDI, DaaS and Cloud workspace.

Stratodesk’s solution is more secure and easier to manage than Windows PCs or dedicated Thin Clients. It saves large amounts of money by reusing existing hardware, reducing downtime and freeing you from costly vendor lock in.

Work From Home or Anywhere, BYOD, changes in your backend – all covered.



Linux based OS defends against third party applications and common security threats​


Remove the need to invest in new hardware when you go with Stratodesk NoTouch.​


Overcome firewall issues closing employees in –enable your workers to work at home or on the go.​


Automate endpoint management – manage thousands of devices all from one browser.​

Greater Flexibility

Be hardware agnostic and manage a mixed environment of Thin Clients, Laptops, PCs and even Raspberry Pis.

Futureproof your VDI

Ensure the ongoing productivity of your VDI. Integrate the newest devices and Raspberry Pis into your ecosystem.


Accelerate growth and profitability in your VDI and DaaS business practice by teaming with the #1 endpoint solution. 

Thin Client OS

NoTouch OS is the endpoint operating system of choice for your preferred VDI environment as well as the most advanced Thin Client OS on the market. Capable of running on the most cutting edge Thin Client, Laptop, PC and Raspberry Pi devices, NoTouch OS is your #1 choice for a centrally managed endpoint solution.

  • NoTouch
  • NoTouch LTS
  • NoTouch Cloud
  • NoTouch GO
  • NoTouch IoT

Cloud & Platform Partners

Stratodesk is committed to enhancing productivity for our customers through seamless integration with leaders in the digital workspace ecosystem. We work with these leaders to simplify the journey to a productive and modern, digital workspace. Whether it is traditional on-premises desktop virtualization, application delivery platforms on the cloud, DaaS or SaaS, together with our Cloud and Platform partners Stratodesk accelerates and simplifies the journey to deliver a modern and digital workspace that meets today’s employee productivity requirements.

Certified Thin Clients

Get high performing and affordable Thin Clients certified with Stratodesk NoTouch OS. Reliable and VDI optimized hardware, combined with the #1 endpoint OS and management solution to meet the highest standards in performance, user experience and security. Benefit from full compatibility, seamless functionality and faster time to value across brands, configurations, form factors, CPU architecture and more.

NoTouch Center

Automated VDI Thin Endpoint Management

NoTouch Center lets you manage thousands of VDI Thin Clients and other devices from one easy-to-use management center. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be easily set, configured and synced. Take advantage of multiple user roles, monitoring, asset management/inventory, Helpdesk and many other features you expect from an enterprise grade solution.



Educational institutions face unique challenges when it comes to implementing VDI. Typically, student networks are separated from faculty and staff networks –something which requires an advanced management software to handle.


Work is no longer a place you go – it’s what you do. Stratodesk software supports the latest collaboration and security tools from technology leaders to make sure your employees stay productive no matter what.

Finance & Legal

Implementing a VDI in the Financial and Legal Services sectors poses significant challenges to IT managers. Specific needs including dictation software and extra demands on a limited IT staff can make the switch daunting.


In the world of healthcare IT, unique challenges are part of the day-to-day. IT leaders choose Stratodesk NoTouch because of its flexibility, allowing them to respond successfully to challenges as they arise.


Manufacturing organisations face a unique challenge because of the flexibility and mobility required for their end users. End users are often moving from worksite to worksite. Organisations need a solution that is going to work for them from place to place, and manage them offline or on the go, as fluidly as if they were sitting within an office with a secure on-premise VDI.

Military & Government

Government and Military entities need a reliable and secure network. They rely on VDI to boost security and keep confidential information secure. However, significant challenges face Government and Military entities looking to implement VDI in their organisations.

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Running a VDI is tough for SMBs – after all, end users and senior management expect more or less the same service level as big enterprises would, but with less staff, less consulting and less training.


Stratodesk brings value to retailers and provides a cost-saving solution, reducing security risks, maximising store uptime, and improving the customer experience.


Stratodesk has a large and ever growing family of leading technology partners. By working with so many, we are able to ensure the widest range of third party integrations and solve more use cases than any other solution on the market.

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