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Club 3D creates Superior Quality products for Video, Data, and Gaming. With a focus on USB docking stations, cables, and adapters. Club 3D offers a wide range of certified solutions in connectivity for business or at home.

CLUB 3D offers a wide range of connectivity products, they listen to the market and they offer future proof products. Our innovation stems from understanding technology and exceeding expectations.







Our range of USB docking stations deliver future-proof connectivity and adapt your mobile devices to the functionality of a desktop computer. It allows connecting to your external drives, screens, audio, ethernet, and other devices in a seamless manner to boost your productivity and efficiency. This is a quick and easy way to set up your workplace or home office, just Plug and Play.
The connection speed and the quality of devices in areas such as multimedia, stereo, gaming, and Ultra High Definition TV depend on the quality of the cables. Get more from your device and create more flexibility with our cable solutions. We have a wide range of cables to support your audio video needs from extension cables to connecting cables.
Do you need to connect a TV and your device does not support the connector? Our adapters are available in different forms: active adapters, passive adapters, legacy adapters, or gender changers. DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 or USB C latest adapters, we are constantly improving to offer the best quality adapters to exceed your current and future needs. In our continuous effort to improve our products, we strive to a complete Environmentally friendly packaging for our cables and adapters family.

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