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Secure 4-port USB KM Switch with audio support.


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The SKMN-4S is a 4-port USB KM switch. It allows users to control keyboard-mouse functions of connected systems using a single USB keyboard-mouse combo.


Traditional non-secure KM switches offer centralized control of multiple computers but offer no absolute isolation between them. This exposes systems to the possibility of malicious damage and disruption and acquisition of sensitive data from one computer to another.

IPGard?s Secure KM Switch is designed for use in secure defense and intelligence applications where sensitive data must be protected. The Switch is NIAP PP 3.0 certified and equipped with the highest security features that meet today?s Information Assurance safe control standards. The switch prevents data leakage between computers that can run at different security levels, and eliminate any potential cyber threat.


The SKMN-4S allows users to control KM (Keyboard and Mouse) operation on up to four computers. It features mechanical, electrical and optical signal isolation to prevent hacking and data leakage in environments where security is paramount.

With the SKMN-4S, all data relays are controlled by inverted signals, shielding connections from outside intrusion by forcing them each to work one at a time. Each port uses its own isolated data channel and each unit features non-reprogrammable ROM to better protect the switch?s functions. Better yet, the SKMN-4S offers the highest security when accessing classified and public networks over the internet through these isolated connections. By isolating connections between networks, the SKMN-4S ensures no data is leaked between secure ports and the outside world.

The SKMN-4S has clearly marked front-panel buttons for controlling the device, so securely switching between sources is always simple. For high-grade secure switching made easy, look no further than the SKMN-4S.


The Secure KM emulates (simulates) the presence of a keyboard and mouse for every attached computer through a USB cable. Both selected and non-selected computers maintain a constant connection with the unit?s keyboard-mouse emulation controllers, allowing for ultra-fast switching and restricting the discovery of newly connected peripherals during switching operations. Emulation of keyboard and mouse also prevents the direct connection between the peripherals and the connected computers, shielding systems from potential vulnerabilities.


IPGard Secure KM Switches offer top-grade data protection when accessing keyboard-mouse functions across multiple connected computer systems. IPGard?s NIAP Protection Profile Ver. 3.0 (PP3.0) standard compliance ensures all IPGard KM switches utilize the newest, most advanced safeguards in relation to keyboard, mouse, and audio security.

Each IPGard Secure KM Switch uses Seamless Cursor & Keyboard Switching (SCS), which lets users transition between highly isolated computer systems simply by moving a mouse cursor across individual display borders. Each connected system?s display remains visible during SCS, but the Secure KM Switch keeps each system isolated and protected.

Defense, intelligence, and finance specialists who regularly work with sensitive data will benefit considerably from IPGard?s Secure KM Switches? SCS functions, saving them both the time and effort of switching between systems.