Amulet Hotkey DXH4 Quad Display Card

Amulet Hotkey DXH4 Quad Display Card

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Key features:

– Exceptional Power and Performance: Experience quad-head video support, enabling display resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 at 30Hz, along with full-duplex stereo audio capabilities.

– Streamlined Simplicity: Enjoy broad compatibility with all major operating systems without the need for any drivers or software installation. Utilize your existing graphics card as the primary source for video data.

– Robust Security: Benefit from the rock-solid security of PCoIP, which employs AES-256 encryption to safeguard all data, ensuring uncompromised, real-time performance.

– Versatile Connectivity: Choose from two connectivity options, either with a standard RJ45 network port or one designed to accept a copper or fiber SFP module, providing flexibility to suit your specific network requirements.

Amulet Hotkey DXH4 Quad Display Card

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Gain anywhere access to high-performance workstation graphics with the DXH4 Remote Workstation Card. This compact, low-profile solution offers secure remote access to your workstation, making it ideal for remote and agile working scenarios that demand flawless video quality across multiple monitors.

The Amulet Hotkey DXH4 is a PCIe quad video head PCoIP host card, designed around Teradici’s TERA2240 processor. Supporting up to four displays, this host card is compatible with any GPU featuring digital outputs and can be seamlessly installed in small PCIe slots, allowing you to preserve larger slots for other cards. It conveniently accommodates both full-height and low-profile brackets for easy installation. Experience the power of remote workstation access with the DXH4.