Digi ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32 Terminal Server


Digi ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32 Terminal Server

Key Features:

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for routing
  • Software selectable RS-232/422/485 (MEI models only) for industrial applications
  • LCD display for status monitoring, diagnostics and configuration
  • SD memory slot for data storage, supporting SD and HCSD
  • Dual power option on 16-port MEI model

NATO Stock Number NSN 7035-01-679-5875

Digi ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32 Terminal Server

Digi ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32 Terminal Server

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Secure, Reliable, Flexible, and Cost-effective RS-232/422/485 Serial-to-Ethernet Connectivity

The Digi ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32 Terminal Server is part of the ConnectPort LTS terminal server family, which offers secure, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective RS-232/422/485 serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. These devices enable the conversion of serial data to Ethernet data for seamless integration into network environments. 


The ConnectPort LTS series comes in various port options including 8 (learn more about the DIGI ConnectPort LTS MEI 8), 16, and 32 ports, catering to different connectivity needs. They provide features like management options and support for secure sockets with protocols like TLS and SSH.


These devices are often used in industrial settings, automation, remote monitoring, and other scenarios where serial devices need to communicate over Ethernet connections, such as point-of-sale, data acquisition, industrial automation, power utilities, and logistics. DIGI ConnectPort LTS devices deliver reliable performance and ease of management, making them a valuable solution for businesses seeking to modernize their serial communication infrastructure.