Lantronix G520 Series – Rugged LTE & 5G IoT Cellular Gateways

Lantronix G520 Series – Rugged LTE & 5G IoT Cellular Gateways

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G520 Series is the Next-Generation IoT Cellular Gateways Designed for Industry 4.0, Security and Transport Applications.

Key Features
  • High-speed LTE and 5G support
  • Fieldbus protocols conversion suite
  • Industrial-grade design
  • Secure crypto element

Lantronix G520 Series – Rugged LTE & 5G IoT Cellular Gateways

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G520 Overview

The G520 series offers LTE CAT 4 and 5G cellular gateways to protect your long-term IoT application investment. Designed for industrial applications with built-in security to help prevent cyber-attacks, the G520 delivers a robust and reliable solution for the most mission-critical applications. The G520 series devices come pre-enabled with the easy-to-use ConsoleFlow™ device management and cellular Connectivity Services cloud platform applications to increase operational efficiency directly. The rugged, compact, highly secure, industrial-grade cellular IoT gateways address the demands of application-specific use cases.

  • High-speed LTE and 5G support
  • Fieldbus protocols conversion suite
  • Industrial-grade design
  • Secure crypto element

The G520 series IoT cellular gateways provide a robust solution for many industrial applications and are available in three application-specific SKUs.

G526 Industrial
  • LTE Cat 4 Ethernet, Serial, I/O, Fieldbus conversion and other industrial protocols
G526 Transport
  • LTE Cat 4, GNSS, accelerometer, CAN Bus reading, and advanced tracking features
G527 Security
  • LTE Cat 13 & 5G, Built-in cryptographic secure element and PSE-PoE
G528 5G
  • TAA compliance
  • 5G, Sub-6 GHz with both LTE cat. 13 (uplink) / cat. 20 (downlink) and 3G fall-back modes

High-Speed Cellular Communication

With LTE Category 13 uplink and Cat 7 downlink, the G527 Security Gateway is ideal for high throughput CCTV applications. The G528 provides a future migration path with 5G for your longer-term deployments.

Built-in Security Framework with Lantronix InfiniShield™

The highest level of security for mission-critical applications is key to preventing growing cyber security threats. InfiniShield™ Security is a comprehensive suite of built-in device security, including a secure element chip to prevent unauthorized access of confidential information.

Industrial Design and Protocols

The G520 Series is designed specifically for industrial applications with Ethernet, Serial, I/O, and a protocol conversion suite. Connect virtually any factory equipment or vehicle using fieldbus protocols and CAN Bus.

Lantronix Software Services

ConsoleFlow – secure cloud platform to manage remote IoT gateways through a single pane of glass.

G520 Tech Specs


  • Cellular
    • LTE CAT 4 with 3G and, depending on the regional variant, 2G fall-back modes on industrial pack
    • LTE CA 13 (uplink) / 7 (downlink) with 3G fall-back mode on security pack
    • 5G, Sub-6 GHz with both LTE cat. 13 (uplink) / cat. 20 (downlink) and 3G fall-back modes
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Operation
    • 2T2R Wi-Fi 5; via an RP-SMA antenna connector
    • Bluetooth 5.1; via Wi-Fi’s rightmost RP-SMA antenna connector
    • Optional: 2T2R WiFi6/6E
  • Ethernet
    • 10/100 base Ethernet: One LAN port and one WAN port, user-reconfigurable as second LAN port; via RJ-45 headers fitted with two LEDs
  • PSE-PoE+
    • Security Pack Variant Only – 30 W per LAN port – requires U301 accessory
  • Serial Communication
    • RS-232 Full implementation; via a 9-pin sub-D header
    • RS-485 via 5-pin COMBICON header (sold separately)
  • USB
    • One (1) USB host port; via a Type-A header
  • I/Os
    • I/OS (2) with common ground; via a 3-pin COMBICON header and a tool-less plug (I/O header and plugs are not provided)
    • User-configurable, each one independently from the other, as (i) analogue input; or (ii) analogue input suited to current loop (aka 4 mA ~ 20 mA) sensors; or (iii) digital output
    • INPUT: 0 V dc ~ 2.5 V dc -> ZERO; 3 V ~ 50 V dc -> ONE
    • OUTPUT: open collector; 200 mA max.; 50 V dc max.
  • Dual SIM
    • Dual SIM / Single standby; via two **mechanically secure mini-SIM holders**
  • Location Services & 3 Axis Accelerometer
    • Qualcomm® IZat™ location services, gen. 8c/9c or u-blox M8 (transport pack)
    • Concurrent GPS and GLONASS (security gateway 5G model)
    • 3-axis accelerometer from STMicroelectronics LIS331DLH
  • Memory & Data Storage Security Chip
    • RAM
      DDR2 SDRAM 256MB
    • SPI Flash Memory
    • User Data Storage
      Internal: via the 256 MB of parallel NAND Flash memory mentioned earlier
      External: via a user-accessible microSD card (not provided), and USB Flash drive (not provided)
      Secure Element from MICROCHIP ATECC608 on security variant
  • MFF SIM(s)
    • Combination of (i) ‘MFF + mini’; or (ii) ‘mini + MFF’; or (iii) ‘MFF + MFF’ SIMs, substituted for the standard two mini-SIM trays. Contact us for the options.
  • Physical Description
    • Brushed aluminum alloy
    • Size: (MM) 131.5 x 81.27 x 25 without connectors
    • Weight: approximately 300g
    • Operating Status LEDs: Nine as green for (i) POWER; blue for (ii) SIM; (iii) Wi-Fi; amber for (iv) Activity; (v) Network; (vi) Signal; yellow for user-programmable (vii) LED #1; (viii) LED #2; red for (ix) ALERT
  • Temperature & Humidity Ranges
    • Operating: -30 °C ~ +70 °C; up to 95% RH
    • Storage: -40 °C ~ +85 °C; up to 95% RH
  • CPU
    • ARM926EJ-S-based CPU running at 600 MHz
    • Built-in 32 KB instruction cache and 32KB data cache
  • Power
    • Input voltage: 10.8 ~ 60 V DC
    • 3-pin Nano-Fit™ header
    • Last Gasp: 100-second long, approximately. 2 96 mWh Li-ion batteries (not functional below -10 °C)
    • Digital Input (Ignition): One (1) digital input, on the third pin of the 3-pin header
    • Input: 0 V DC ~ 2.5 V DC => ZERO; 3 V DC ~ 50 V DC => ONE
    • Power off Timekeeping: Dedicated RTC with 100-day data retention period, approximately 15 mWh lithium manganese battery (not functional below -20 °C)

Software Suite

  • Administration & Network Protocols
    • Web-based user interface, setup wizard, console log viewer, save / load configuration, NTP, SMS / OTA remote configuration, TR-069-capable
  • Redundancy
    • Ethernet, Cellular, Wi-Fi – configurable as failover or load balancing
  • Resilience
    • Network connectivity watchdog (configurable), internal application watchdog
  • Wi-Fi
    • Client or Access point (approx. 12 users), WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security modes
  • Device Management Services
    • Lantronix ConsoleFlow platform or third-party platforms
  • SDK
    • Use G520 SDK to create custom packages and build custom firmware images
  • Performance & Fault Management
    • Real time processor load and interface (WAN / LAN / Wi-Fi), traffic analysis, ICMP, trace-route, NS lookup
  • Routing
    • DHCP, static routing, port forwarding, traffic routing, static /dynamic DNS, DNS proxy, NAT, STP
  • VPN & Tunneling Protocols
    • PPTP client, L2TP, OpenVPN client / server / passthrough, GRE, IPsec up to 4 channel
  • Security
    • Zone-based firewall, VLAN, DMZ, HTTPS local and remote connection, SIM PIN
  • Industrial Protocols
    • Following industry protocols supported on MH.
      • EtherCAT
      • DLMS client
      • DNP3 Outstation
      • Modbus master
      • IEC104 slave and IEC 101 master