Lantronix Maestro E210 Series Router – WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi

Lantronix Maestro E210 Series Router – WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi

With high-speed  LTE, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and serial connectivity, Lantronix E210 is designed for mission-critical enterprise applications requiring faultless connectivity.

Product Highlights

  • LTE Cat-1 M1 Cellular / wired WAN / LAN / Wi-Fi
  • Advanced failover and load balancing
  • Fieldbus protocol conversion: Modbus, DNP3, IEC 104, DLMS, Dual Sim
  • Edge programing and processing
  • Compact form factor
  • Industrial grade design

Lantronix Maestro E210 Series Router – WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi

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Processor speed 580Mhz 580Mhz
Operating System OpenWrt OpenWrt
RAM 128MB 128MB
Flash 32MB 32MB
Last Gasp (>10ºC) No No
RS232 Yes Yes
Input/Output 2 DI / 2 DO 2 DI / 2 DO
RTC 100 days 100 days
Temp Range -20 to +70 -20 to +70
DC Input 8-32VDC 8-32VDC
GSM Engine WP7702 WP7607-1
Cellular LTE-M1 LTE Cat 1
4G Bands 1/2/3/4/5/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/26/28 1/3/7/8/20/2
3G Bands NA 1/8
2G Bands 2/3/5/8 3/8
Downlink Cat-M1: 300kbps 10Mbps
Uplink Cat-M1: 375kbps 5Mbps
SIM Slots 2 2
WiFi 1T1R 1T1R
WiFi Max Users 25 25
Wi-Fi • 1T1R Wi-Fi 4; via an RP-SMA antenna connector
Cellular One- or two-antenna models as:
• 3G E215[G]; LTE-M1 E213G; via an SMA antenna connector
• LTE cat. 1 E214[G]; LTE cat. 4 E218[G]; via two SMA antenna connectors (main and diversity)
I/Os Two isolated digital I/Os; via the lower row of the same header
• INPUT: 0 V dc ~ 1 V dc g ZERO; 1.4 V ~ 36 V dc g ONE
• OUTPUT: open collector; 100 mA max.; 36 V dc max.
Serial Communication • RS232 Full implementation; via a 9-pin sub-D header
10/100Base-Ethernet • One LAN port and one WAN port, user-reconfigurable as second LAN port; via RJ-45 headers fitted with two LEDs
Dual SIM • Dual SIM / Single standby (“DSSS”); via two mini-SIM held in trays
Location Services • Concurrent GPS and GLONASS (E215G, E213G); IZat™ gen. 8CpsOne (E214G, E218G); via a dedicated SMA antenna connector
Data Storage • Via a user-accessible microSD card (not provided)
DDR2 SDRAM • Doubled to 256 MB
Alternate Data Storage • 64 MB [resp. 1 GB] of internal Flash memory, arranged in 512- [resp. 2,048-] byte pages, substituted for the standard microSD card holder
MFF SIM(s) • Combination of (i) ‘MFF + mini’; or (ii) ‘mini + MFF’; or (iii) ‘MFF + MFF’ SIMs, substituted for the standard two mini-SIM trays
Physical Description • Brushed aluminum alloy
• Size: (mm) 92.5 x 57.2 x 22.5
• SSL v3, SSH v2 Client & Server – up to 2048-bit certificates
• Encryption: AES 3DES, RC4
• Authentication: SHA-1, MD5, Base-64 connectors
• Weight: Approx. 150 g
• LED: (i) POWER; blue for (ii) SIM; (iii) Wi-Fi; amber for (iv) Activity; (v) Network; (vi) Signal; red for (vii) ALERT
Temperature & Humidity Ranges • Operating: -20 °C ~ +70 °C; up to 95% RH
• Storage: -40 °C ~ +85 °C; up to 95% RH
CPU • MIPS32® 24KEc™ CPU running at 580 MHz
• Built-in 64 KB [resp. 32 KB] instruction [resp. data] cache
• SPI Flash Memory: 32 MB
Power-off Timekeeping • RTC with an approx. 100-day data retention period; courtesy of a 15 mWh lithium manganese battery (not functional below -20 °C)
Power Consumption (W) • All figures worst-case (60 °C, 32 V, all subsystems fired on, etc.)
• Idle: 0.96 (E215); 1.10 (E214); 1.10 (E218)
• Standby: 2.31 (E215); 2.63 (E214); 2.63 (E218)
• Communication (Tx max.): 5.54 (E215); 6.18 (E214); 6.18 (E218)
Power • 8 V dc ~ 32 V dc with SLOW START; via the upper row of a dual row, 4-pin, Micro-Fit™ 3.0 header
and Network
• Web-based user interface, setup wizard, console log viewer, save / load configuration, NTP, SMS / OTA remote configuration, TR-069-capable
Redundancy • Web-based user interface, setup wizard, console log viewer, save / load configuration, NTP,
SMS / OTA remote configuration, TR-069-capable
• Ethernet, Cellular, Wi-Fi – configurable as failover or load balancing
Resilience • Network connectivity watchdog (configurable), internal application watchdog
Wi-Fi • Client or Access point (approx. 40-user), multiple SSID, WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security modes
Device management services • Lantronix ConsoleFlow™ platform or third-party platforms such as TrinitySMART, Cumulocity, etc
Connectivity services • Compatible with all Lantronix Connectivity Services SIM Cards
Performance and Fault management • Real time processor load and interface (WAN / LAN / Wi-Fi), traffic analysis, ICMP, trace-route, NS lookup
Routing • DHCP, static routing, port forwarding, traffic routing, static /dynamic DNS, DNS proxy, NAT, STP
VPN • PPTP client, L2TP, OpenVPN client / server / passthrough, GRE, IPsec
Security • Zone-based firewall, VLAN, DMZ, HTTPS local and remote
connection, SIM PIN
• MODBUS RTU/TCP to IEC-60870-5-104 converter
• Modbus Master mode
• Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP converter
• Modbus to MQTT / Cumulocity / FTP / Azure / Http, Serial to FTP converter
• IEC-60870-5-101 to IEC-60870-5-104 converter
• Modbus to DNP3 converter
• I/O to Modbus converter
• I/O to IEC 104
• I/O toggling through SMS
SnapCap • SC485, a 9-pin male sub-D plug that ‘snappily’ converts any E210 unit into an isolated,
half- or full-duplex (user-selectable via a slide switch) RS-485 unit via a 5-pin, 3.5 mm pitch,
Warranty • One Year Limited
Certifications • E214 RCM, NBTC, CE, SIRIM
• E214G FCC, Verizon Wireless, ISED, PTCRB, AT&T Wireless
Power cords KDC42 or KDC44 (the latter with two more stripped wires for I/Os)
Remote, adhesive,
cellular and
cellular / GNSS
All IP67-rated, except for A31M0 (IP33) and A31H0 (N/A)

– A31M0 or A31H0, LTE: E215

– A14M0 or A14H0, ‘2-in-1’ LTE + GNSS: E215G, E213G

– A32M0 or A32H0, ‘2-in-1’ LTE + LTE: E214, E218

– A33M0 or A33H0, ‘3-in-1’ LTE + LTE + GNSS: E214G, E218G

Wi-Fi antennas L-shaped, hinged, A24C0 (while stocks last) or A21H0
DIN Rail clip BR551, dual mount 5½ U or 1½ U; mounting bracket too