Lantronix Maestro M110 Modem – M114F003S ASIA PACIFIC

Lantronix Maestro M110 Modem – M114F003S ASIA PACIFIC

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Lantronix Maestro M110 modems are designed to provide connectivity across a broad range of M2M and IoT applications. They allow Internet connectivity via serial port to PLCs, Meters, Vending Machines. The Lantronix M110 enables transporting data from any industrial device to data control servers, allowing businesses to benefit from real-time data monitoring, management and control.

Lantronix Maestro M110 Modem – M114F003S ASIA PACIFIC

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Modems MODEM M114 ASIA PACIFIC – LTE CAT. 1 BAND 28, 8, 3 – 3G FB BAND 1 – RS-232 & USB PORTS – 2 I/OS – MPACK

Compact Design

Lantronix M110 series modems are a smart modem supporting serial RS-232 and USB communication on a small form factor for fast and seamless integration with industrial equipment such as electricity meters, programmable logic controllers, lifts and vending machines.

Multiple Cellular Network Support in 4G LTE-M1 & Cat 1

M110 is available on LTE standards such as LTE Cat 1 and M1 for IoT applications, allowing devices that operate on carrier networks to be less expensive and more power-efficient.

Low Power Consumption for Remote IoT Application

Deploying IoT devices in remote access requires low power consumption in an environment when electricity is not always on and the device needs to run for a month on battery or solar panel. M110 can achieve as low as 21 mA in idle mode, giving a month of autonomy when the device simply wakes up when communication is triggered.

Intelligent Modem Running mPack Software

M110 modems have been specially designed to be easily deployed in your retrofit solution. Its auto TCP dial-up function allows initiating any communication of a serial device with or without dial-up capability. Device options like dial-up, TCP/UDP permanent client/server or on-demand client with two TCP are all available.

Optional RS485 with SNAP CAP™

Snappily converts M110 series’ RS-232 port on a 9-pin sub-D connector into an isolated *, half or full-duplex (user-selectable via a slide switch) RS-485 port on a 5-pin, 3.5 mm pitch, COMBICON connector. * i.e with integrated transformer, thus allowing for 1.5 km-long cabling.