Lantronix X300 Series Compact Cellular IoT Gateway Solution

Lantronix X300 Series Compact Cellular IoT Gateway Solution

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Ideal for mission-critical applications, the new X300 Cellular Compact IoT Gateway Solution combines Lantronix’s IoT gateway hardware with a premium services subscription, including centralized device management, cellular data, enhanced security, and expert technical support in an all-in-one package.

The X300 Series offers extensive LTE M1 and Cat-1 cellular communication, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, Ethernet, and serial interfaces in a small, industrial-grade form factor. The X300’s combined offering gives you everything you need to guarantee your project’s success.

X300 Series Highlights

• Compact industrial-grade design
• Multiple hardware interfaces
• Latest Cyber Security protection
• Premium ConsoleFlow Device Management
• Integrated Lantronix Connectivity Services
• Expert Technical Support
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Advanced hardware replacement

Lantronix X300 Series Compact Cellular IoT Gateway Solution

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Lantronix X300 Series Compact Cellular IoT Gateway Solution

Industrial Grade, Compact Form Factor
The Lantronix X300 Series gateway is a compact (79 x 79 mm) IoT gateway with multiple hardware interfaces available such as a multi-mode Serial, an Ethernet, cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE. The gateway is designed for complex deployments in harsh environments, even where space is limited.

Built-in Security Framework with Lantronix InfiniShield™
The highest level of security for mission-critical applications is key to preventing cyber security
threats. InfiniShield™ Security provides a comprehensive security suite, including a secure
element chip, enables secure boot, access, and data communications, preventing unauthorized

Process and Customize at the Edge
With the ePACK software suite, based on Linux framework, the X300 IoT gateway provides a userfriendly environment to develop your application and leverage the Linux development community

BLE Sensors Accessory to Collect More Critical Data
Read temperature, humidity, sense motion or get ID location via a complete range of integrated BLE

Specifications Highlights


  • LTE Cat M1 – X303 with 2G fallback mode
  • LTE Cat1 – X304 with 3G or 2G fallback mode options available

Serial Communication

  • RS-232 6-signal (Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS, either DSR or DCD, DTR) implementation; via an RJ-45 header
  • RS-485 half or full duplex, via RJ-45 header
  • Switchable by software


  • One LAN port; 10/100BASE-T; via a RJ-45 header fitted with two LEDs

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Operation

  • Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth/BLE 5.0; via one (X303) or two (X300, X304) RP-SMA antenna connector

VPN & Tunneling Protocols

  • Wireguard, ZeroTier, OpenVPN client/server/passthrough, PPTP client, L2TP, GRE, IPsec up to 4 channels


  • Lantronix Connectivity Services embedded MFF SIM; auxiliary mini-SIM holder