Digi Connect EZ 8 – Serial server, 8-port, RS-232


Digi Connect EZ 8 – Serial server, 8-port, RS-232

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Key Benefits 

  • 8 serial RS-232 or RS-232/422/485 software-selectable ports for seamless connections to a range of serial equipment over IP networks
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet with dual SFP+ support, Digi CORE® LTE module support, micro SD for data logging, two USB ports and optional Wi-Fi, digital/analog IO and four additional Ethernet switch ports
  • Supports applications requiring COM ports, serial tunneling or TCP/UDP sockets
  • Improves performance for the widest range of industry standard and device-specific protocols
  • Built-in Digi TrustFence® offers strong device security with secure encrypted connections, and ongoing monitoring and support
  • Enjoy simple setup and mass configuration functionality with Digi Navigator™ and Digi Remote Manager®
Digi Connect EZ 8 – Serial server, 8-port, RS-232

Digi Connect EZ 8 – Serial server, 8-port, RS-232

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Use Digi Connect EZ 8 – Serial server, 8-port, RS-232 to modernize your infrastructure without replacing it.

Selectable Software Ports

Digi Connect EZ 8 makes improving your network easier. It comes with RS-232 or software-selectable for RS-232/422/485 communication, and support for LTE, Wi-Fi, digital/analog IO, and Ethernet switch options. Setup is fast and intuitive, allowing for device configuration in minutes. 

Its built-in use case configuration options for commercial and logistics, factory automation, government and aerospace, and utility and energy organisations are a must for seamless integration with the rest of your networking devices and applications. For a single-port option, learn more about the Digi Connect EZ Mini – serial server, 1-port, with accessories.

Strong Security, Monitoring, Configuration, and Troubleshooting

Device security is of paramount importance and the Digi Connect EZ 8 comes with Digi TrustFence®. Get the strongest protection possible including compliance with ISO27002, HIPAA, NIST, and more, along with encryption for any and all data passing through the device. Benefit from centralized authentication, VPN support, and scalable security updates for devices in your network.

Automated Network Monitoring

Leverage Digi RM remote monitoring tools for simpler and more efficient IoT device monitoring. Easily view hundreds and thousands of devices to quickly spot network disruptions, threats, and intrusions. Use network performance reports for improved performance. And activate alerts to help you manage event-specific scenarios and respond to them immediately. 

Smart Firmware Updates

Complete mission-critical IoT device firmware updates using Digi Remote Manager. Its collection of network management tools allows for safe and secure file distribution to your devices in minutes, regardless of how many are in your network.

Easy Configuration Management

Configure all devices in one setting all at once, by device category, or perform individual configuration changes as needed. 

Always-on Detection and Troubleshooting

Digi RM provides 24/7 detection for threats to your network. Instant event alerts enable quick responses to network issues, and performance reports offer insights into network optimisation opportunities.

Support for A Wide Range of Device-specific Protocols

Digi Connect EZ 8 uses serial tunneling, TCP/UDP connections or Digi’s patented RealPort® COM port redirector for remote native COM port access, offering support for a variety of industry-standard and device-specific protocols.

Build and Manage Your Own Applications

Use the built-in Python environment to create and customize applications at the device level, with the ability to include event-based programmability, data conversion, and full control of device connections.

Use Cases

Commercial and logistics

  • Systems Integration
  • Distribution centers
  • Pick n’ pack connectivity

Factory automation

  • Process automation
  • Reliability for hi-tech robotics and capital systems

Government and aerospace

  • Encrypted data transfer across remote locations
  • Secure scalable management around the world
  • Data integrity, resiliency and redundant connectivity

Utility and energy

  • Critical remote equipment management
  • Support in harsh environments
  • Redundant connectivity and dual power options
EZ 8
EZ 8
EZ 8
SFP+ 10 Gb capable SFP+ sockets 2 2 2 2 2
ETHERNET 10/100/1000 Ethernet 2 2 2 2 6
SERIAL PORTS (RJ45 10-pin) RS-232 serial ports 8 8 8 8
RS-232/422/485 (MEI) serial ports 8
RS-232 / EIA-232 SERIAL MODES Signal support TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI flow control options: XON/OFF, CTS/RTS, RTS-toggle
RS-422 / EIA-422 SERIAL MODES TX+/-, RX+/-, software termination, pre-delay/post-delay
RS-485 / EIA-485 SERIAL MODES Data+/Data-, software termination, pre-delay/post-delay
CONSOLE (RJ45 10-pin) RS-232 serial console port
USB USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A) 2 2 2 2 2
DIGITAL / ANALOG Digital IO / analog input 2 / 1 2 / 1
MODULE 1 x 1 SISO secure dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz)
MODES Client mode and access point mode simultaneously
CLIENTS Maximum 10 clients (access point mode: regardless of combination of clients and access points)
ACCESS POINTS Maximum 2 access points (access point mode: regardless of combination of clients and access points)
SECURITY WPA-3/WPA-2 personal, WPA/WPA-2 enterprise
CONNECTORS (1) 50 Ω SMA (center pin: male)
CORE MODULE SUPPORT Digi CORE™ module compliant socket (see accessories for modules; G4 module recommended)
CERTIFICATIONS Visit www.digi.com/resources/certifications for latest certifications
LTE (G4) WITH DIGI CORE PLUG-IN LTE MODEM 1002-CMG4 LTE Cat 4: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B12, B13, B18, B19, B20, B25, B26, B38, B40, B41; 3G: B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B8, B19;
2G EDGE / GPRS: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
CONNECTORS (2) 50 Ω SMA (center pin: female)
SIM SLOTS (2) Mini-SIM (2FF)
SIM SECURITY Secured in cellular module
DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) 26 cm x 16 cm x 4.445 cm (10.25 in x 6.5 in x 1.75 in)
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 35 cm x 28.5 cm x 15.5 cm (13.75 in x 11.25 in x 6.12 in)
Ships with attachable 19” rack ears
PACKAGE WEIGHT 3.22 kg (7.1 lb)
STATUS LEDs System: Power, WWAN Signal, WW Service, Wi-Fi
Per port: Ethernet, Serial, Console, USB
POWER INPUT Supplied with 100 to 240 V AC external power supply or can be used with direct 12 V DC power;
Power input connector is Phoenix connector, included with power supply
POWER CONSUMPTION 12 V DC at 5 A max (100 to 240 V AC external power supply included)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE Standard operating temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE Standard operating temperature: 0 °C to 70 °C (32 °F to 158 °F)
RELATIVE HUMIDITY 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
SAFETY IEC 62368-1, IEC 60950-1, CB, EN 62311, UL 62368-1, UL 60950-1
PRODUCT WARRANTY 5-year for base Connect EZ device, 3-year for Digi CORE plug-in LTE modem
TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1-year LifeCycle Assurance with 24×7 Expert Support included
REMOTE MANAGEMENT Digi Remote Manager®; SNMP v3 (user installed/managed); 1-year LifeCycle Assurance with Digi Remote Manager Premier included
LOCAL MANAGEMENT Digi Navigator™ discovery and configuration tool, Web UI (HTTP/HTTPS), CLI (Telnet, SSH)
MANAGEMENT / TROUBLESHOOTING TOOLS Digi Navigator discovery and configuration tool, FTP client, SCP, protocol analyzer with PCAP for Wireshark, event logging with syslog and SMTP client, NTP/SNTP, Nagios, Intelliflow, iPerf, Dynamic DNS, ping, traceroute
MEMORY 256 MB RAM, 4 GB flash


NETWORK PROTOCOL SUPPORT HTTPS, FTP client, TLS v1.2, SCP (client and server), SFTP, SMTP client for use by scripts and the command line, SNMP (v2/v3), SSH remote management via Digi Remote Manager® ; protocol analyzer, ability to capture PCAP for use with Wireshark; DynDNS, Dynamic DNS client compatible with BIND9/No-IP/DynDNS; captive portal, Intelliflow; Nagios, DNS server, NTP server, multicast, mDNS, IPerf
SERIAL AND DATA PROTOCOL SUPPORT RealPort, socket and autoconnect socket connectivity for TCP and encrypted TCP, SSH, Telnet, UDP, Modbus, Pyserial support via built-in Python interpreter
SECURITY IP filtering, stateful firewall, custom firewall rules (iptables), address and port translation; TLS 1.2 and above, FIPS 197, OpenVPN client and server; VPN tunnels; authentication: RADIUS, TACACS+; certificates; MAC address filtering; VLAN support
VPN IPsec with IKEv1, IKEv2, NAT Traversal; OpenVPN client and server; GRE VPN tunnels; cryptology: SHA-1/256/384/512, MDS, RSA; encryption: 3DES and AES up to 256-bit (CBC mode for IPsec); Diffie Hellman: DH groups 1-32 (CURVE448)
ROUTING / FAILOVER IP pass-through; NAT, NAPT with IP port forwarding; Ethernet bridging; GRE; multicast routing; routing protocols: RIP (v1, v2) OSPF, BGP, IP failover: VRRP; automatic failover; Digi SureLink®
OTHER PROTOCOLS DHCP; dynamic DNS client compatible with No-IP/DynDNS